Sunday, May 1, 2011

Laws that choke creativity

One of the main laws addressed was that of land and property and where the line was going to be drawn, especially with the invention of aircrafts. How much upward does the law of property extend to?

Also the control of spreading context across the land and the freedom that airwaves would provide to businesses to spread their information to the masses.

Larry Lessig more addresse the issue of "ASCAP cartels" and also the issue of copyrighted content using the the example of AMVs and using digital technologies and also the permission to use what's readily available in pop culture. However, we see that these "cartels" slam the law on anyone who uses this content without permission. However, on the other side, we have a generation that chooses to ignore and/or rebel against these copyrighted materials. Larry Lessign adresses that both these extreme sides are wrong and strives to find a happy medium.

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