Monday, February 7, 2011

Esplanin' a Vague Thriller

Vague: Not clearly expressed; inexplicit.

Thriller: a book, film, play, etc., depicting crime, mystery, or espionage in an atmosphere of excitement and suspense

How can I make the a book cover for the The Giver read vague thriller?

Vague cover examples:

Thriller cover examples:

The cover should of course reveal that there will be a thrill here and there, then again shit doesn't pop off until basically the end of the book. Before then, we barely know how anything works except for assigning jobs, spouses, children, etc. However, we do not how the Council of Elders regulate such a thing. This will be interesting...


  1. you need a much better compound word
    vague thriller doesn't give you enough to find visuals for. you have to reach for this one.
    if you have a compound word that immediately calls to mind dozens of images then you have it.

    so i guess start over with the word list or relook at your wordlist, free write, mind map.

  2. ps
    i don't think any of your examples are really good book covers.